Publishing Your Research Papers in Academic Journals

Education and learning enhances your experience of life and things that you work with. But it is not always a smooth process, you are faced with many obstacles, these problems challenge your spirit of investigation as a learned professional. You start finding solution to the problem by using specific method/approach and eventually reach a solution.

As professionals in academia you must not only keep in touch with the latest developments but are also ethically responsible for adding to the current research. While reading a piece of writing you may feel the urge to understand – why should the author had treated the subject in particular way? It is generally considered a problem that requires research involving application of appropriate theoretical approach. When the results are obtained you must publish them in academic journals for the benefit of wider research community. When published the research broadens the vision of readers to understand and interpret the piece of writing/the issue under consideration in the lights of new perspectives revealed by the researcher.

Academicians are under pressure to publish their research to enhance their reliability and establish their expertise in the field. Writing research papers and sending them for publication in academic journals is a tedious task. You may take up any issue for your study, be already studied or a new issue. In case of already studied issue you may investigate it from different perspective. Research originates from problem and leads to the solution or results.

MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers

Select the problem for which you want to find a solution, go for the selection of secondary sources, sort them in order to reliability and authenticity and prepare a working plan of the article. If you are a beginner in the academic research then you may like to study MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. This guide will offer you practical rules to prepare research articles for publication in academic journals.

When you have a clear understanding of the problem, it is time now to write down your paper. Start with good introduction to the subject highlighting the key points of the research. Describe your hypothesis in three to four lines. State the methodology that you adopted for the study – data collection and theoretical framework, and analysis. Then indicate your results of the study. Discussions part of your paper should highlight the implications of your results and in conclusion summarize your main argument of the research.
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When your paper is ready get it reviewed for any technical shortcomings and English language issues. You may consult a professional who offers services like proofreading and suggestions. A reviewer will suggest you areas where the papers lacks and at the same time will offer positive comments. Further step is to find suitable journal for publishing your article. Your librarian is the person who may recommend you some journals, in case the librarian is not accessible you should do basic search online to locate the journals that come within the category of your area of research.

When you have found the suitable journal, go through the journal’s paper submission guidelines and make necessary changes to your manuscript accordingly. Understand the journal’s review process, subscriber/membership policy and submit your paper. Editor of the journal will have a birds-eye view of your paper and if he thinks it within the scope of the journal will send it to the peer-review panel. When the manuscript of the paper is received from the peer-review panel with review report as per the recommendations of the reviewers the editor will notify you about the acceptance of the paper and possible date of publication.

I hope I have given you some idea on publishing your research paper in academic journals, as you go along with the publication, you should approach internationally recognized journals.

Your comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome, for this blog post. This post is mainly intended for research students working for their MPhil and or PhD.

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