Call for Papers: Poetry of Vihan A Naik

We gladly inform you that we are going to feature scholarly research articles in The Context Volume 2 Issue 2 on an eminent contemporary poet Vihang A. Naik. Scholarly articles / papers are invited from scholars, critics and academicians by 15 April 2015. We encourage authors to submit original and serious studies exploring various aspects of Vihang A. Naik’s poetry. Important to note research papers on Vihang A Naik’s Poetry will NOT be charged publication fee (sponsored from donations).

Suggestive areas of study are given below -

Stylistic Approach of Vihang Naik in Poetry Manifesto
Philosophical Strain in Vihang Naik’s verse.
Thematic study of Naik’s poetry.
Experimental Strain in Vihang Naik’s poems.
Imagery and symbols in Naik’s poetry.
Influences of Vihang A. Naik
Indian scene and cities in Naik’s verse.

Editing requirements / manuscript guidelines: Manuscript should contain the name, affiliation, and contact details including email and mobile number of the author, also 50 words bio note. Only one co-author is permissible.

Text of the manuscript must precede a brief summary (abstract) of approximately 200 words and 3-5 keywords. Manuscript should range between 2000 and 3500 words only. Type manuscript on A4 paper (8.29”x11.69”) double spaced with one inch margin and Arial typeface with 12 point, and submit as an email attachment. Keep word processing as simple as possible; give your own name to the word file. Please follow MLA style of documentation (7th edition).

Please send your manuscript as single word file attachment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Submit online

Peer-review process

When the manuscript is received for consideration by email, it undergoes preliminary originality check with basic standards and adherence to the manuscript guidelines. If this is fulfilled, article is provisionally accepted for peer-review. We follow double blind peer-review process, in the next stage article goes to precisely expert advisory board member and an external reviewer. After receiving positive review reports only we will accept the manuscript for publication and intimation will promptly be sent to the author(s). If the article fails short in any area of presentation, such remarks from the reviewers will be forwarded to the author(s) for necessary revision. Revised article is expected within 20 days from the intimation; in case revised article is not received within stipulated time, publication of the issue will proceed without the awaited article and editors shall not be held responsible for any issue arising out of such conditions. The editors reserve the right to delete and/or alter the content of an article as they deem it fit for publication.

Publication fee: NIL (No Fee)


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