The Context 4.2 Oct 2017


Research Articles


Study of Contrasting Characters in Anita Desai’s Novel ‘Clear Light of Day’

Dr. Chandrakant R. Mandlik

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Water Management the Need of Time Due ToThe Environmental Change

Dr. Sanjiv H. Kolpe

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Sairat: Art for Art’s Sake or Art for Life’s Sake

Dr Subhash K. Shinde & Mr Kishor N. Ingole

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Marginality, Subalternity, and Women in Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street

Ms. Himanshi Chandervanshi

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Impact of Literacy on Sex ratio in Parbhani District – A Geographical Analysis

Dr. Bhagwan P. Shendge

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मेरा बचपन मेरे कंधे पर: एक अनुशीलन

डॉ  जीतेन्द्र शेलके

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झोपड़ी से राजभंवन : आत्मकथा

डॉ माधव पाटिल

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